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1 one who intrudes or pushes himself forward [syn: pusher]
2 a small rocket engine that provides the thrust needed to maneuver a spacecraft

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The surfboard sense was coined by Simon Anderson, who created the design in 1980. The name was almost immediately applied generically to any surfboard with that fin design, not just boards made by him. (He never patented the design or trademarked the name.)



  1. A device for propelling an object, especially a spacecraft or a ship (marine vessel).
  2. A surfboard (usually a shortboard) with three fins of approximately equal size, one centred at the back, one on each side about 25cm forward and out near the rails.

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A thruster is a small propulsive device used by spacecraft and watercraft for station keeping, attitude control, or long duration low thrust acceleration.
Thruster (surfing) is a surfboard fin design.
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